A Shelter From The Storm: GM Gets A New Roof!

Mark 9:23: “What do you mean, ‘If I can?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.”

For some reason, I feel my gratitude and sincere thank you just doesn’t express how vital you all are to GM.  I hope sharing this helps you see how meaningful and important each and everyone of you are to the heart of Glory Mansions!

I’d like to share with you part of our purpose at Glory Mansions Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program. Our heart is to give women a safe home and a healthy environment full of laughter and love. It is a place for woman to believe God has got them wrapped up in his arms and wants to love on them so much.  GM is a place to share dreams and find encouragement from others.  We are a home for woman to deal with past hurts but be encouraged to receive healing. We believe in prayer and it’s power.  Watching God’s grace transform and restore lives is a blessing.  Glory Mansions home is a place to feel safe, away from the horrors that took place in their addiction and it’s a sanctuary from the storms of their past.  It’s a journey with our Father to come to know peace within and to learn to respect others and themselves. Ahhhh..but most important it’s a home that shares how much God loves them and how much He loves us!!! He does that with such tenderness and strength because there is “Hope for the Hopeless”.

I write this to show how God has used our roof project to help touch our hearts!!  By walking out in faith our home has become stronger, healthier, safer, and more loved.  Prayers were answered!!

In December 2015, we stepped out in faith and started a goal to raise funds for a new roof for GM.  To give you a little example of what it was like when it rained, well, out came the buckets, the pans, and the largest bowls we had in the home.  Sometimes the living room would leak and other times it could down pour in the kitchen. The leaks could last for days. Sometimes nothing would leak but we would still have to be ready with the buckets..lol.  We started getting estimates for repairs and to be honest I didn’t see the light. We were beginning to embrace our leaks. Yet God is so much bigger than I give him credit for sometimes. We asked the community to help and we prayed. We also learned if we just repaired the affected areas that new leaks could spring up elsewhere.  It would have been like putting a bandage on something that needed open heart surgery. Yet, did I mention we have a” Big God”!!  I just love when He shows off, right when we need him too!! Not only thanks to God but also to our loving community who believed in what God is doing at GM.  We were blessed with enough funds for more than just a patch job. God far exceeded our cries for help! In less than one month after our fundraiser started, we received enough for a completely new roof!!  Open heart surgery took place!! Our house, patio, and garage roofs were torn off and replaced with new shingles and new wood!! Three new roofs, not just one roof, were installed in less than a week!! This home is now up to code and a permit was issued and passed!! Thank you Lord!!  Prayers were answered!!

This could not have been possible without you and your hearts. You all are such a vital part of GM! Thank you for stepping out in faith with us!!

Here are a few statements of some of the women in the house and the impact:

“Psalm 61:4: ‘Let me live in the sanctuary; safe beneath the shelter of your wings’.  Over the last nine months GM has been just that to me-a shelter, a place of refuge, a safe harbor where I could rest and regain my strength when the storms of life had beaten me down.  Speaking of storms, last night I was awakened by thunder and lightening, wind and rain. Immediately when my eyes opened I felt peace.  It made me smile to know that our roof had been completed just days earlier.  We were safe and sound in the home that serves as a shelter of the Lord.  I get so excited about projects like the roof because they help me feel confident that this home and this program will remain open and available to other young women like myself; women who are desperate for a place of rest and restoration that GM provides.  It blesses my heart and encourages me to see the support that GM received from the community to make this project possible.”

“The roof to me is the evidence of what God promises. That people are coming together to give a safe haven and refuge to women in addiction—it represents “New Beginnings”, Hope and Safety. As Haggai 2:9 says, ‘The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord .'”


I, too, woke up to the Tornado warning and storm in Brevard County four days after the new roofs were up, at three am. The emergency alarm on my phone was stating to secure your homes. It was great news that there was no need to worry or run and grab all the buckets, pot, and pans.  The house was secure!!  What a blessing!!  Feelings of comfort, security, amazement and gratitude overwhelmed me!! What God did in this home was not only secure it but showed how much He loves us all. The security of a new roof was not the only thing we gained. My heart was so deeply touched knowing that all things are possible and knowing how much the Father’s arms cover us and embrace all of us. He is faithful!  Nothing is impossible with God. What a privilege to watch Him love us all!!!  God does open heart surgery on the women that come into the program, as well. He tears off the old and gives new life.  While they are out in their addictions they are constantly putting on different colored bandaids and hoping things will change. But they eventually stop caring and become hopeless in their pit of addiction.  Please keep all women and men that are in addiction in your prayers and their families. There is “HOPE”!! Prayers do get answered!

Robin Wagner
Director/Glory Mansions