Clothe An Orphanage!

Mongolia is cold. Like “the coldest capital city in the world” cold. They have long and bitter winters with temperatures sometimes heading down around -50 F.  Crying tears would cause your eyelashes to fall off from the weight of icicles, I’m guessing.

WEGO has been entrusted to care for the lives and comfort of some incredibly awesome and beautiful kids in Mongolia. Our house, however, has not been up to the task. The old home cannot hold in the heat as well as it used to. We received word that our kids spent most of last winter upstairs in our home due to the frigid conditions downstairs, even to the point of eating most meals in their bedrooms. We are in the process of finding a long-term solution to our failing house but, until then, we need to get our kids through this next winter.

Our best solution is to completely cover the outside of our two homes with a special foam insulation. We all understand the importance of clothing orphans. Right now, we need help clothing an orphanage.

We have two homes on our property that need insulation. The price tag is $3,000 total, $1,500 per house. Will you please pray how you can help us cover this orphanage covering cost?

This project has been fully funded!! THANK YOU for your generosity! Any additional ‘Clothe An Orphanage’ designations will go to clothe our actual kids this winter. We have recently received several new young children so it would be incredible to get them all bundled-up and warm with some new thick threads!

Ways To Give
You can mail a check or donate by credit card online.
Please write “Clothe An Orphanage” on your check memo or in the ‘Designate Fund for a Ministry/Staff” section of PayPal.

1) Mail a check payable to ‘WEGO’ to:
PO Box 320735
Cocoa Beach, Florida 32932

2) Give by Credit Card or Paypal here

Thank you for your consideration! Please contact us with any questions.