What happens if I have a question?

Glad you’ve asked. You have come to the right place.

Where does the money go?

100% of your donation (less processing fees) goes towards the WEGO field budget for the country where your staff member serves. The funds are equally dispersed within the general budget for that country to ensure that all of our staff members have salaries and all of the ministry expenses are covered regardless of the size of someone’s Fan Club.

Why $40 a month?

For mathematicians, it’s a simple math equation:
(Monthly Field Budget) ÷ (Number of Field Staff) ÷ (Number of Spots per Fan Club) = 40.

For the mathematically indifferent:
It takes us approximately $480 a month per staff member to do what we do. We are dividing that cost between the 12 spots available for each Fan Club.

Can I send a check instead of using my credit card?

Sure, no problem. Contact us at info@wego.org to join a Fan Club through check donations.

What should I say when I write my fan mail?

We want to leave this up to you. There are no rules! You can write something as simple as “Know that I am praying for you this month” or as in-depth as your life story. Sending a Bible verse is always a great idea. Maybe follow the golden rule of fan mail: Encourage others how you yourself would want to be encouraged.

What are the qualifications for your staff to be a part of the Fan Club?

We give our staff the opportunity to have their very own Fan Club once they have served with us for one year.

How are the WEGO staff members equipped and trained?

It is our prayer and goal that each of our staff members are fully equipped Gospel-ambassadors who also have the necessary training and skills required by their positions. It is the responsibility of the WEGO Ministry Director for each country to train our staff in both doctrine and practice through workshops, bible studies, and mentorship. This is also why we require all new staff members to be faithful members of a local church where they can be equipped and sent out by their church. Through Timothy Project, we hope to even better empower our staff for ministry in the days ahead.

What happens if my staff member leaves?

We have a good track record of staff longevity but, occasionally, a staff member might leave for a variety of reasons. If this happens, we will contact you immediately and give you the chance to join a new Fan Club.

How long will this program last?

It is our long-term prayer that our ministries will one day be fully self-sustainable without out-of-country assistance. But until that day, the funds raised through our Fan Club will help bridge that gap. Your credit card will be charged your pledged amount once a month and you can cancel anytime.

Can I meet my staff member in person?

Yes! We would love for you to join us on a trip to see the work of our ministries and your staff member in person! If desired, we can even try to arrange a Skype call or help you become friends on Facebook!

What is Pure Charity?

They are a great company that we use as our platform for online giving and our Fan Club sponsorships. You will automatically be signed up for a Pure Charity account when you give online to WEGO. You will be able to review your donation history and make any payment changes through your account with them. Please contact us with any questions about Pure Charity or contact them directly at help@purecharity.com

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This is not the most appropriate forum for this question but it’s nacatamales.