Field Staff Fan Club

What’s better than making a difference? That’s easy; helping others do it. That is the heart and purpose of our Field Staff Fan Club. The work of WEGO could not happen without our local staff daily pouring out their lives in service to Jesus through our ministries. They are local missionaries, native saints, and unsung heroes serving Jesus in the communities where they were born and raised.

Our Fan Club is a way to encourage our field staff and fan the flames of God’s call upon their lives. We get to become their cloud of witnesses and cheerleading squad as they love God and give His love to others through their vocation and lives. You will get the opportunity to send them encouragement (fan mail!) and pray for them, their families, and ministry. Your monthly support not only pays for their salary and healthcare, it also covers all expenses related to their jobs like food for kids, electricity for buildings, and everything in between.


Join A Fan Club

Prayerfully select one of our local staff members and join their Fan Club by committing $40/month. Your credit card will be charged monthly and you can cancel anytimeEach Fan Club has 12 spots available so you can pledge up to $480/month to take over multiple spots.


Send Fan Mail

For every $40 you pledge, we will assign a specific month for you to send a yearly note of encouragement to your staff member. We will translate it and have it delivered. This way, they will get fan mail every month of the year once their Fan Club is full. We’ll keep you updated along the way!


Make A Difference 

You’ll be joining together with the rest of your Fan Club members to greatly impact the lives of our staff and the people they serve. Your combined support will cover all expenses of their ministry and your words of kindness will be cool water for their souls that will overflow into our ministries.

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