New Hope School Teachers Arrested (For A Good Cause!)

With all of the current political difficulties happening in Nicaragua, we should be quite alarmed by a recent email we received about our teachers being arrested. But upon further review, it was actually great news. This was the message we received:

“All the students and teachers were part of the activity. It was like a game that the kids named ‘Jail’. The students paid 3 cordobas to catch their teacher and put them in jail, which was a little room in the school. If they wanted to get out of jail they had to pay the same amount the kids paid to catch them. And the teachers could do the same thing. They could name a student they wanted to put in jail and the rest of the students had to catch the kid to put it in jail. The kid had to pay the same amount that the teacher paid to be able to get out.

The purpose of this activity was to raise money for the kids in Mongolia. The New Hope School kids know that the money they raise for the kids in Mongolia will be used in the right way and will be a blessing. They do this will all their hearts because they love the Lord and love to give to those who are in need. We all are praying for the kids in Mongolia. We love them so much as Jesus loves us.”

Click here to match the $100 that our students in Nicaragua are raising money for our children’s home in Mongolia!