WEGO (Worldwide Evangelical Gospel Outreach) is a Christian missions organization based out of Florida’s Space Coast. Since 1994, we have shared and shown the love of Jesus through a wide-range of ministries throughout the world. We have established an orphanage in Mongolia and also an orphanage, school, and community center in Nicaragua. We have partnered with a local pastor in Ukraine to serve the country through a homeless ministry and a discipleship program. We have also created a counseling ministry and addiction recovery home in Florida. WEGO has led teams with hundreds of participants to minister in over 10 countries through evangelism, pastoral training, sports, medical/dental care, food distribution, and a variety of other ministries.

Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, worldwide, by engaging in activities and providing resources and relief to those suffering physical, mental, and spiritual hardships

To see Jesus meet the needs of our world through His people for His glory

To See Jesus
Simply put, we long to be a place where all people can see Jesus. Our history is filled with those who have intimately encountered Christ, many for the first time, through being a part a trip or one of our ministries. We have seen drug users healed of addiction and atheists proclaim Jesus’ Name. We continue to pray that our future excessively demonstrates this part of our DNA.

Meet The Needs of Our World
Our desire is to stay constantly in tune with the current issues facing those we serve and adapt our approach accordingly. In Mongolia, we saw the fall of communism fill the streets with abandoned children so we built an orphanage. In Nicaragua, we came across kids in need of skill development and education so we built a school. We have chosen to keep our hands open that we might always be available to meet the specific needs of those we serve through the direction, leadership, and call of the Holy Spirit.

Through His People
This is the kicker: We believe it is Jesus alone who meets the needs of our world…but He uses us. We strive to be a place where all people can serve God, become His instruments, and find their place in His kingdom. This vision infiltrates all that we do. It is why we partner with local churches to mobilize their people and it is why we have a donate button on our website- so people can be conduits of God’s love all over the world.

For His Glory
This is what everything is about. Every soul, every molecule, every storyline in history is meant for God’s glory. The exaltation of our Triune Creator God is not just the ultimate goal of our mission; it is the very reason for God’s mission and work in our world. Thanks be to God that we get to join Him in His work for His glory!

We establish gospel-centered and hardship-alleviating ministries through long-term partnerships with local churches and indigenous believers 

WEGO is a community of individuals, churches, and organizations joining together to serve. Some of us head overseas to be the physical hands and feet of Jesus and some give finances, resources, or expertise from home. Some of us are full-time missionaries while others are figuring this faith journey out. Whether you are a student on a short-term trip or a local Nicaraguan teaching in our school, we are all partners going and serving together.

Establish Gospel-Centered and Hardship-Alleviating Ministries…
With God’s initiation and leading, we find specific needs or hardships within communities that have limited to no gospel presence. We then create and build an organized ministry that meets these specific needs while sharing the good news and Love of Jesus with those we serve.

Through Long-term Partnerships…
We believe God’s call to make disciples and care for the poor and hurting is a long-term commitment, not a fly-by-night operation. Our desire is to faithfully serve people and communities through patience, consistency, and deep-rooted relationships.

With Local Churches…
We strive to work alongside local churches in fulfilling their call to make disciples of all nations and impact the world. We are committed to partner with local churches to develop ministry projects, equip their people for these opportunities, and deploy them to serve. We do not replace the local church or work independently of them. Wherever possible, we partner with local churches in America and where we operate abroad as they mutually serve, train, and resource our ministries and each other.

And Indigenous Believers.
Our goal is to empower locals to do the work and operate each ministry as they care for and disciple their own people. We take a field-led approach to ministry that seeks to encourage, equip, and support the ongoing efforts and leadership of our indigenous workers.